2020 NEC® Changes: Devices, Lighting, and Gear

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This course covers the changes in Articles 404, 406, 408, and 410 of the National Electrical Code®. Articles 404 and 406 contain the requirements for switches and receptacles. Article 408 covers panelboards, switchboards, and switchgear. Article 410 covers luminaires, lampholders, and lamps. Notable changes include updating the rules for switches, including listing requirements, new prohibited locations for receptacles, expansion of tamper-resistant receptacle requirements, new marking requirements for panelboards, switchboards, and switchgear, and addressing the unique needs of horticultural lighting.

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More Information
  • Describe the permitted use and ratings of switches 
  • State the requirements when replacing automatically controlled receptacles 
  • Recall the rules for receptacles under sinks 
  • Note the approved placement of receptacles in bathrooms 
  • List the rating of nonlocking receptacles that must be tamper resistant if installed in dormitory units 
  • List the locations requiring tamper resistant receptacles
  • Recognize when panelboards must be field labeled
  • Recall the circumstances in which recessed luminaires can be used to access junction boxes
  • Locate the part of the code that covers horticultural lighting
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