2018 Permit Tech Series: Finding the Answers in the I-Codes (Online Self-Paced)

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This is a single topic within a series which will provide an overview of the basic concepts of the International Building Code® (IBC®). These concepts provide a basis for the correct utilization of the code. A clear understanding of the identified requirements allows the code user to apply the IBC in specific situations and helps to build an understanding of the intent of the code when asked to make a judgment on code compliance. This course will also help the code user to correctly locate code requirements. It will also provide a basis for the correct use and application of the code as well as to begin to develop a procedure for applying them. This particular webinar will provide the permit technician with an overview of the of the IBC and IRC, as well as summarize the IZC and other codes or guidelines that the permit department uses. Participants will have a better understanding of the I-Codes after attending this webinar.

The following publications are recommended to ensure success in the course:
  • Recommended - 2018 International Residential Code® (IRC®)
  • Recommended - 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®)
  • Recommended - 2018 International Zoning Code® (IZC®)

More Information
  • Become effective at using the IBC, IRC and IZC to find the answers to frequently asked questions. 
  • Identify Chapters in the IBC, IRC and IZC where certain topics are located in order to direct customers to the pertinent sections.
  • Determine occupancy use group for plans submittals to the building department.
  • Identify types of construction for plan submittals to the building department.
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