PART 1 - An Overview of ACI 318-19 and the Concrete Chapter of the 2021 IBC

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The 2021 IBC has been available since October 2020. It has been adopted by a few jurisdictions already and will be adopted by the state of California on January 1, 2023. Other major adoptions will follow. The 2021 IBC Chapter 19, Concrete adopts ACI 318-19, whereas ACI 318-14 was the referenced standard in the 2018 IBC.

There is a large number of technical changes from ACI 318-14 to ACI 318-19, many of which are quite substantive and some of which are of far-reaching consequences. An overview of the extensive changes are provided in two 2½ - hour webinars. Part 1 addresses changes in the concrete chapter of the 2021 IBC, ACI 318-19 Chapters 1 through 17, and the beginning parts of Chapter 18. Part 2 discusses changes in the rest of Chapter 18, Chapters 19-27, and Appendix A. Some adjustments in the above divisions may have to be made. Some of the bigger ACI 318-19 changes are:

  • Introduction of high-strength reinforcement (80- and 100-ksi yield strength)
  • Introduction of reinforcement grade factor in equation for straight bar development length
  • New equation for hooked bar development length
  • New and simpler one-way shear equations for nonprestressed members
  • Updated two-way shear provisions for two-way slabs
  • Newly added provisions for screw anchors and shear lugs
  • Introduction of shotcrete provisions
  • Deep foundation design provisions of IBC/ACE 7 imported into ACI 318
  • Extensive and important revisions to Chapter 18, Earthquake-resistant structures
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Speakers S. K. Ghosh, Ph.D.
Duration 142
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Dr. S. K. Ghosh is known internationally for his work in earthquake engineering. He has influenced seismic design provisions in the United States for many years by serving on or chairing numerous committees and advisory panels. He specializes in the analysis and design, including wind and earthquake resistant design, of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Dr. Ghosh is active on many national technical committees and is a fellow of ASCE, SEI, ACI, and PCI. He is a member of ACI Committee 318, Standard Building Code, and the ASCE 7 Standard Committee (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures). He is a former member of the Boards of Direction of the Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). In addition to authoring many publications in the area of structural design, he has investigated and reported on structural performance in recent earthquakes.

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