Multi-Story Special Steel Moment Resisting Frame Example

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This web seminar addresses the structural design and detailing requirements for ordinary and special steel moment frames specified in the 2012 IBC, ASCE 7-10, AISC 360-10, and AISC 341-10. Intermediate steel moment frames are only addressed by explaining why they are not commonly used. The following topics are presented:

  • Seismic detailing requirements for steel moment frames that are commonly overlooked
  • Start with columns and beam sizes selected to meet the strength and drift requirements of ASCE 7-10.
  • Apply AISC 341-10 and AISC 358-10 beam and column limitations.
  • Review and apply the connection requirements for 1) welded unreinforced flange – welded web (WUF-W), and 2) bolted flange plate (BFP) connections meeting the AISC prequalified connection requirements in AISC 358-10.
  • Determine the required strength for the columns, column splice, and the column base.
  • Locate the protected zones and demand critical welds in the moment frame system.

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Speakers Jason Ericksen, S.E.
Duration 129
Speaker Bios

Jason Ericksen, S. E. is a licensed structural engineer in Illinois and has worked as a consulting engineer in the Chicago area in the commercial building and nuclear industry. Jason served as the Director of the American Institute of Steel Construction's Steel Solutions Center where he was in charge of making sure that all engineering questions about the design and construction of structural steel buildings were answered correctly. Subsequently, Jason worked with S.K. Ghosh Associates Inc., where he provided technical support through publications, seminars, peer reviews, computer programs, and code interpretations and comparisons. Jason is currently a structural engineer with FORSE Consulting, a structural engineering firm that offers consulting services to structural engineering firms including project design services, Q/A model reviews, and software consulting and training.

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