Flood Resistant Design and Construction - ASCE/SEI 24-14

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Flood Resistant Design and Construction, ASCE/SEI 24-14, provides minimum requirements for design and construction of structures located in flood hazard areas and subject to building code requirements. Identification of flood prone structures is based on flood hazard maps, studies, and other public information. This standard applies to new structures, including subsequent work, and to work classified as substantial improvement of existing structures that are not historic. Standard ASCE/SEI 24-14 introduces a new concept, Flood Design Class, that bases requirements for a structure on the risk associated with unacceptable performance.

A detailed commentary containing explanatory and supplementary information to assist users of the standard is included for each chapter.

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The standard includes requirements for the following:

  • Basic siting and design and construction requirements for structures in flood hazard areas
  • Minimum elevations for the lowest floor, flood damage-resistant materials, and floodproofing measures, each tied to a structure’s Flood Design Class
  • Structures in high risk flood hazard areas subject to flooding associated with alluvial fans, flash floods, mudslides, erosion, high velocity flow, coastal wave action, or ice jams and debris
  • Structures in coastal high hazard areas (V Zones) and Coastal A Zones
  • Flood damage-resistant materials
  • Dry floodproofing and wet floodproofing
  • Attendant utilities and equipment, including electrical service, plumbing systems, mechanical/HVAC systems, and elevators
  • Building access
  • Miscellaneous construction, including decks and porches, concrete slabs, garages and carports, accessory storage structures, chimneys and fireplaces, pools, and tanks

Standard ASCE/SEI 24-14 updates and replaces the previous Standard, ASCE/SEI 24-05. It provides essential guidance on design and construction to structural engineers, design professionals, code officials, floodplain managers, and building owners. The standard is adopted by reference in model building codes.

Pages 80
Language English
ISBN 9780784413791
Publisher ASCE
Code Year 2014
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