ICC G6 - 2023 Guideline on Advanced Panelization for Buildings

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The use of off-site construction has been growing globally as the building industry and policymakers look to address challenges in workforce availability, supply chains, availability and affordability of housing, jobsite safety, industry productivity and sustainability. Off-site construction can take many forms, including volumetric and panelized systems.

This Guideline is intended to be used in conjunction with the product evaluation process to provide specific requirements for panelized systems that meet the criteria outlined herein. It also leverages best practices captured in ICC/MBI Standards 1200 and 1205.

This Guideline provides national, state/provincial and local jurisdictions with guidance on the approval of panelized systems that meet specific criteria that help efficiently verify their compliance with existing criteria, including building codes, standards and acceptance criteria.

It is intended to provide assurance to governments while encouraging:

  • Innovation in the panelization process.
  • The leveraging of technology.
  • Extensive digital monitoring and documentation.
  • Third-party plan review and inspection processes.
  • Ultimately, this Guideline provides a specific approach to the approval of prefabricated systems under the International Building CodeĀ® (specifically Sections 104.11 and 1703.6) and the International Residential CodeĀ® (Section R104.4) but can be used to satisfy building code requirements contained in other codes, as well.

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