ES Acceptance Criteria Foam Plastic Compendium (PDF Download)

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AC006 06-2023
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This Combo consists of the following ES Acceptance Criteria.

  • AC02 Reflective Insulation—Approved June 2011, editorially revised March 2017
  • AC12 Foam Plastic Insulation— Approved June 2015, editorially revised December 2020
  • AC71 Foam Plastic Sheathing Panels Used as Weather-resistive Barriers—Approved February 2003, editorially revised March 2021
  • AC161 Foam Plastic Shapes for Parapet Applications—Approved February 2008
  • AC214 Sandwich Panels with Metal Skins and a Foamed-in-place Foam-plastic Insulated Core—Effective July 2003
  • AC239 Termite-Resistant Foam Plastics - Approved October 2008, Editorially Revised August 2021
  • AC263 Prefabricated Duct Fitting Insulation Manufactured from Molded, Expanded Polystyrene Foam Plastic—Approved June 2004
  • AC309 Foam-in-place Polyurethane Foam Plastic Core Doors with Fiberglass Facers—Approved Aug 2017
  • AC377 - Spray-applied Foam Plastic Insulation, Approved June 2023
  • AC452 Rigid Cellular Polystyrene (RCPS) Geofoam Used in Interior Floor Applications—Approved October 2013, editorially revised February 2022
  • AC456 Fire-protective Coatings Applied to Spray-applied Foam Plastic Insulation Installed without a Code-prescribed Thermal Barrier - Approved October 2015, editorially revised February 2022

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