2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code™ (ISPSC™)

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The 2015 ISPSC® contains many important changes including:

  • The comprehensive provisions of this code which regulates swimming pools and spas are now mandatory as a referenced code from both the IBC and IRC. This code replaces the non-mandatory provisions previously in Appendix G of the IRC and the limited scope provisions previously in Section 3109 of the IBC. (IBC Section 3109, IRC Section R324.1; G193-12 and RB465-13)
  • The term “aquatic vessel” which was viewed by many as confusing has been replaced with the phrase “pool and spa”. (Section 202; SP4 – 13)
  • A fall protection guard is now required for public swimming pools where the springboard is located higher than 5 feet above the pool deck. (Section 402.14; SP45 – 13)
  • A sign indicating the location of the nearest emergency landline telephone is required for public swimming pools. The sign is required to include all the necessary information to relay to the emergency responders. (Section 412.2; SP52 – 13)
  • Comprehensive provisions for safety signs for ladders, diving and entrapment have been added to the code. (Section 705; SP64-13)

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