Plumbing Code Essentials, 2021 Edition

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This publication explains the essential provisions for applying the 2021 International Plumbing Code® (IPC®) to the most commonly encountered plumbing practices. It also includes the International Residential Code® (IRC®) plumbing provisions and a chapter on fuel gas piping, making it a guide to both commercial and residential buildings. The information is presented in a user-friendly manner with an emphasis on technical accuracy and clear, easy-to-apply language. Full-color illustrations, examples and simplified tables assist the reader in visualizing and better understanding the code requirements. The straightforward, easy-to-read approach makes this an invaluable companion guide to the IPC and the IRC plumbing and fuel gas piping provisions for contractors and design professionals as well as both new and veteran code users.


  • Topic organization progresses sequentially from the initial planning and design considerations through the installation requirements of the various parts of the plumbing system
  • Detailed full-color illustrations enhance comprehension of code provisions
  • A focused, concise approach on conventional plumbing methods facilitates understanding of the essential code provisions
  • A chapter on fuel gas piping and appliances found in the 2021 International Fuel Gas Code® (IFGC®) rounds out the coverage of a plumber’s typical job activities
  • References to the code sections in the IPC and IFGC are followed by the corresponding sections in the IRC to provide added value as a companion guide to the residential code
  • A glossary of plumbing terms clarifies their meaning in the context of the code

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