Building Structures Illustrated: Patterns, Systems, and Design, 2nd Edition

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Taking a holistic approach, Building Structures Illustrated explains building structures as systems of interrelated parts for creating and supporting architecture.  Beginning with a concise review of how structural systemshave evolved over time, the ides of structural patterns are presented from both a technical and also architectural design perspective. Richly illustrated throughout using Franci D.K. Ching's trademark presentation, the fundamental principles of structural elements, assemblies and systems inspire ideas about how structural patterns might niform a design concept.  No other work by Francis D.K. Ching brings together so many aspects of architectural design as an integrated reference. Designers, builders, and students alike will gain a new understanding of structural principles and planning, without the need for complex mathematics. This Second Edition includes new information on building code compliance, additional learning resources, and for the first time a Glossary of Terms. 

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