ADA in Details: Interpreting the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design

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By providing a synthesis of visual details and specification requirements, the book is basically a kit of parts that can be used by architects as a resource for creating projects that employ accessible design standards. Architects have referred to the authors previously self-published book on the subject as the graphic standards for accessible details. The main emphasis is on public buildings, places of public accommodation, and commercial facilities, which are required by law to comply to these standards.  The chapters are organized thematically, so as to spotlight architects main concerns in designing accessible buildings: accessible routes, site elements, vertical access, architectural elements, restrooms and existing buildings. There is also a catch all chapter that highlights more specialist areas, such as childrens requirements, storage, changing facilities and the needs of leisure facilities. The book is a departure from the authors previous works as it also includes a chapter on how access is dealt with internationally and how it varies or incorporates the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards, drawing on the guidelines of different international architectural organizations (ie AIA, RIBA, JFAA, RAIC, International Union of Architects, etc). In the American main section of the book, California code will also be denoted on the page in blue.

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