Residential Codes Essentials 2018 Edition (IRC)

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Residential Code Essentials: Based on the 2018 International Residential Code® explains those code provisions essential to understanding the application of the 2018 International Residential Code® (IRC®) to the most commonly encountered building practices. The information is presented in a user-friendly manner with an emphasis on technical accuracy and clear easy-to-apply language. Full-color illustrations, examples and simplified tables assist the reader in visualizing the code requirements. The straightforward, easy-to-read approach makes this an invaluable companion guide to the IRC® for both new and veteran code users and other professionals such as contractors, builders and designers.

Look Inside for These Outstanding Features:

  • Topic organization follows the progress of construction from foundation to finished residence, providing a familiar frame of reference
  • Detailed full-color illustrations enhance comprehension of code provisions
  • A focused, concise approach on conventional construction methods facilitates understanding of the essential code provisions
  • References to corresponding code sections provide added value as a companion guide to the IRC
  • Glossary of code and construction terms clarifies their meaning in the context of the code

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