ASABE/ICC 802-2020 Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard

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The intent of this standard is to address the design, features, performance and testing of sprinklers, bubblers and emitters used in landscape irrigation systems.

This second edition includes:

  • Discussion of and definitions for various types of devices, including sprays, rotors, multistream multitrajectory nozzles, bubblers, drip emitters, and microsprays.
  • Standardized test procedures for common test parameters including flow rate, distance of throw, and uniformity.
  • Burst pressure test procedures and minimum requirements.
  • Distribution uniformity calculation methods based on various spacing types.
  • Minimum requirements for integral pressure regulation.
  • Test procedures for missing or damaged nozzles.
  • Test procedures for drip emitters and microsprays coordinated with the ISO 9261 standard.
  • New alternative test procedure coordinated with EPA WaterSense test procedure.
  • Requirements for the marking of all products.

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