Recommended Practices for Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI)

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Recommended Practices for Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) is the most complete source of information on remote inspections. RVI is an alternative to on-site inspections using a video call on a 4G or WiFi telephony (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in order to interact with the inspector. It is a comprehensive tool for local jurisdictions and the building industry alike that desire to implement a remote inspection program.

This publication covers the RVI process, inspection scheduling, preparation, what the owner/contractor should expect, training and communications, and recording and maintaining records. While all types of inspections may not be suitable for RVI, a list of potential construction activities suitable for remote inspections is provided.

RVI also lends itself to connect seamlessly as part of an overall online program that will allow jurisdictions to provide complete services to the public utilizing the latest technology. Online permitting and electronic plan review together with remote virtual inspections can provide a complete program that keeps the construction industry moving while providing a healthy environment for all participants.

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