2019 Chicago Minimum Requirements for Existing Buildings, Title 14X and Supplement

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The Chicago Minimum Requirements for Existing Buildings, Title 14X regulate the condition and maintenance of existing buildings, existing structures, and outdoors areas, and establish the respective responsibilities of owners and occupants to comply with these requirements. This code also establishes minimum requirements for providing light, ventilation, space, security, electricity, plumbing, heating, cooling, sanitation, weather protection, and fire protection in occupied buildings, and requirements for the maintenance of vacant structures. These requirements apply both prospectively and retroactively.

Unlike the International CodesĀ® family, the Chicago Construction Codes do not (and are not intended to) include a separate code for one- and two-family residential buildings. Instead, one- to three-unit residential buildings up to four stories (single-family homes to three flats) are regulated in most titles of the Chicago Construction Codes as Occupancy Group R-5. There are numerous Chicago-specific exceptions applicable to Group R-5 occupancies. Additionally, in the Chicago Electrical Code, requirements for residential occupancies are collected in Article 560, and requirements applicable to the rehabilitation of residential buildings up to four stories are in Article 570. This bundle also includes supplemental replacement pages consisting of substantive changes. Effective date to be determined

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