ES Acceptance Criteria Fasteners Compendium (PDF Download)

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ACC04 2020_2
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This Combo consists of the following ES Acceptance Criteria.

  • AC70 Fasteners Power-driven into Concrete, Steel and Masonry Elements—Approved Feb 2016, editorially revised Nov 2017
  • AC116 Nails —Approved March 2018
  • AC118 Tapping Screw Fasteners Used in Steel-to-steel Connections —Approved Jan 2018
  • AC120 Wood-frame Horizontal Diaphragms, Vertical Shear Walls and Braced Walls with Alternative Fasteners—Approved Feb 2017, editorially revised July 2018
  • AC201 Staples—Approved March 2020
  • AC230 Power-driven Pins for Shear Wall Assemblies with Cold-formed Steel Framing and Wood Structural Panels—Approved October 2018
  • AC233 Alternate Dowel-type Threaded Fasteners—Approved February 2020
  • AC257 Corrosion-resistant Fasteners and Evaluation of Corrosion Effects of Wood Treatments—Approved October 2009, editorially revised March 2018
  • AC259 Power-driven Pins for Attaching Gypsum Board Materials to Cold-formed Steel Wall Framing—Approved Nov 2015, editorially revised Nov 2017
  • AC262 Horizontal Diaphragms Consisting of Wood Structural Panel Sheathing Attached to Cold-formed Steel Framing—Approved June 2016, editorially revised Nov 2017
  • AC269 Racking Shear Evaluation of Proprietary Sheathing Materials Attached to Light-frame Wall Construction or Code-complying Sheathing Attached to Light-framed Walls with Proprietary Fasteners—Approved Oct 2009, editorially revised Feb 2014
  • AC437 Blind Bolts in Structural Steel Connections—Approved December 2019
  • AC463 Magnetic Fasteners - Approved Feb 2016, editorially revised Nov 2018
  • AC491 Self-drilling Tapping Screws Used with Aluminum - Approved June 2017, editorially revised Jan 2019
  • AC499 Screw-in Fasteners Installed into Steel Elements - Approved Feb 2018
  • AC500 Self-drilling Tapping Screws Used to Attach Miscellaneous Building Materials to Steel Base Material - Approved Oct 2017, editorially revised Dec 2017

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