ES Acceptance Criteria Concrete Anchor Compendium (PDF Download)

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ACC01 10-2019
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This Combo consists of the following ES Acceptance Criteria.

  • AC01 Expansion Anchors in Masonry Elements—Approved March 2018
  • AC58 Adhesive Anchors in Cracked and Uncracked Masonry Elements—Approved October 2019
  • AC60 Anchors in Unreinforced Masonry Elements—Approved December 2009, editorially revised October 2018
  • AC106 Predrilled Fasteners (Screw Anchors) in Masonry—Approved March 2018
  • AC193 Mechanical Anchors in Concrete Elements—Approved Oct 2017, editorially revised April 2018
  • AC232 Anchor Channels in Concrete Elements—Approved October 2019
  • AC308 Post-installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements—Approved June 2019
  • AC446 Headed Cast-in Specialty Inserts in Concrete—Approved August 2018

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