Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, Sixth Edition

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A fully updated source for structural steel design information

Thoroughly revised for the latest advances, this comprehensive resource contains information essential to the design of steel structures. The book lays out the fundamentals of structural steel fabrication and erection followed by detailed design methods for steel beams, columns, tension components, roof systems, and connections. Design examples throughout the book clearly demonstrate how to apply complex code provisions in the field. You will get clear explanations of AISC 360-16, the AASHTO Standard Specification for Structural Steel Bridges, the AISI Cold-Formed Steel Standards, ASCE 7-16, and the 2018 IBC.

Structural Steel Designer's Handbook, Sixth Edition covers:

  • Properties of structural steels
  • Effects of steelmaking and fabrication
  • Fabrication and erection
  • Connections
  • Building codes, loads, and fire protection
  • Criteria for building design
  • Design of building members
  • Floor and roof systems
  • Lateral-force design
  • Cold-formed steel design
  • Highway bridge design criteria
  • Beam, girder, and truss bridges
  • Arch and cable-suspended bridges
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