ES Acceptance Criteria Treated Wood and Wood Protection Compendium (PDF Download)

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ACC05 6-2019
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This Combo consists of the following ES Acceptance Criteria.

  • AC66 Fire-retardant-treated Wood—Approved June 2015, editorially revised April 2018
  • AC203 Zinc Borate (ZB) Preservative Treatment of Structural Composite Wood Products by Non-pressure Processes—Approved Aug 2017, editorially revised Nov 2018
  • AC239 Termite-resistant Foam Plastics—Approved October 2008, editorially revised Feb 2018
  • AC257 Corrosion-resistant Fasteners and Evaluation of Corrosion Effects of Wood Treatments—Approved October 2009, editorially revised March 2018
  • AC296 Monomer/FA Wood Impregnation Systems for Protection of Wood against Decay and Termites—Approved February 2005
  • AC313 Barrier Systems for Protection of Wood Posts against Decay and Termites—Approved May 2012
  • AC326 Proprietary Wood Preservative Systems--Common Requirements for Treatment Process, Test Methods and Performance—Approved Oct 2015, editorially revised June 2018
  • AC380 Termite Physical Barrier Systems—Approved Oct 2014, editorially revised May 2018
  • AC381 Subterranean Termite Baiting Systems—Approved June 2009, editorially revised Feb 2016
  • AC424 Wood-based Exterior Composite Trim Treated with Zinc Borate (ZB) Preservative by a Non-pressure Process—Approved Aug 2017
  • AC433 Liquid Borate Fungal Decay and Termite-resistant Treatment Applied to Wood Members—Approved June 2012, editorially revised May 2014
  • AC479 Wood Structural Panels and Sawn Lumber with a Factory-applied Fire-retardant Coating—Approved June 2019

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