2018 International Existing Building Code Handbook

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This practical guide shows, step by step, how to apply the provisions of the 2018 IEBC® when carrying out repairs, alterations, additions, changes in occupancy, and detailed evaluations for buildings of all sizes. Author Chris Kimball, SE, MCP, CBO, compiles all the information needed to understand the IEBC provisions and apply them properly to meet structural, fire, accessibility, and other code-related requirements. It begins with an overview of the IEBC, permits, construction documents, and other administrative requirements. It goes on to explain the three different compliance methods that can be followed under the IEBC. Throughout, diagrams, flowcharts, and illustrated examples clearly demonstrate the proper application of the code. Coverage includes:

  • Common provisions
  • Repairs
  • Prescriptive method
  • Work area method
  • Performance compliance method
  • Relocated buildings
  • Construction safeguards
  • IEBC appendices

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