Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical 5th Edition An Illustrated Guide to the Plumbing and Mechanical Codes

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Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical outlines the key safety principles underlying the various plumbing and mechanical codes and provides information on the code requirements for all types of plumbing installations, including all supply, drain, and vent systems as well as heating and cooling. Using clear language to ensure compliance with codes at each stage of construction, this edition reflects the most up-to-date changes in the plumbing and mechanical codes. Tables and illustrations help to clarify the complex rules and numerous changes in the latest edition of the codes. Specific code changes are highlighted throughout the text and summarized at the end of the book.

In Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical, 5th Edition, clear and concise text is paired with helpful tables to clarify the complicated rules and numerous changes in the 2015 IRC and 2015 UPC/UMC. Armed with this invaluable resource, builders, designers, inspectors, and everyone in between will be able to avoid the most common plumbing and mechanical code violations--saving time, money, and potential delays. Includes information on all types of plumbing and mechanical installations.

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