Building Community Resilience through Modern Model Building Codes

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A building’s resiliency is a major element of community resilience. This publication, Building Community Resilience through Modern Model Building Codes, addresses the urgent need for community resilience in the face of disasters and the most effective, efficient, and economic means to achieve it. As populations grow, urban areas expand, and interconnectedness increases, the potential for a disaster event to have deeper and further-reaching consequences also increases. Throughout the world natural disasters—earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, tornados, wildfires, and droughts—have caused enormous injury, loss of life, and economic damage. The impacts of these disasters can be mitigated with the right strategies; and investing in mitigation before a disaster event occurs can significantly reduce losses at the time when the event does occur. Detailed information, graphics, photos, statistics, and losses related to various disasters are documented in this compelling publication, stressing the need for urgent action going forward.

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