Fire Code Essentials, 2018 Edition

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Fire Code Essentials: Based on the 2018 International Fire Code® (IFC®) is designed to explore the proper application and use of the 2018 IFC by providing detailed guidance on the most critical code provisions. This book begins with an explanation of occupancy classifications that establishes the foundation readers will build on as they progress through subsequent content. The book is then divided into six parts covering topics such as legal aspects of code administration, fire fighter response and access to buildings, water supplies, fire protection systems, hazards in buildings and communities, storage and use of hazardous materials and much more. Straightforward and easy to read, it is an indispensable tool for both new and experienced code users, including fire inspectors, building code officials, fire marshals, fire plans examiners, design professionals, environmental health professionals, facility managers and fire fighters alike.

Look Inside for These Outstanding Features:

  • Updated content accurately reflecting the requirements of the 2018 International Fire Code®
  • Detailed, full-color illustrations and tables to help users visualize code language, transforming it into easy-to-understand concepts
  • “Code Essentials” and “You Should Know” topics that reinforce the content and offer helpful snapshots of the basics
  • References to corresponding code sections, providing added value as a companion guide to the IFC
  • Glossary of code and construction terms to clarify critical terminology, explaining it in the context of the code
  • Detailed, real-world examples facilitating comprehension of code application and methods for determining code compliance

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