ASHRAE 127-2007 Method of Testing for Rating Computer (PDF Download)

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Referenced in the 2015 IECC and 2018 IECC. The purpose of the standard is to establish a uniform set of requirements for rating computer and data processing room (CDPR) unitary air conditioners. This 2007 revision of the standard makes some significant changes to the 2001 edition: (1) some definitions have been rewritten for clarification and other definitions have been added, (2) the rating requirements have been changed—some to align the test conditions with the recommendations published in ASHRAE’s Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments. (3) standards for the testing and rating of the humidification and dehumidification systems have been added or clarified, (4) a minimum MERV rating for the air filters has been established, (5) a standard method for the test and rating of the noise emitted by the units has been established, and (6) the tolerance of the unit rating verses the test results has been tightened.

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