CalDAG California Disabled Accessibility Guidebook 2017 An Interpretive Manual and Checklist

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Understanding new accessibility requirements for public buildings, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and public housing in California is made easier with this newly updated bestseller. CalDAG is the only book available combining and cross-referencing the 2016 California Building Code (CBC) regulations with federal 2010 ADA/ADAS requirements!

Author Michael P. Gibbens, who has served more than 20 years on the Accessibility Code Advisory Committee of the California Building Standards Commission (five years as past Chairman), provides a comprehensive, detailed and user-friendly resource.


  • More than 250 superb illustrations
  • Valuable flowcharts breaking down compliance procedures
  • Applicable CBC and ADA/ADAS section numbers for easy reference
  • Easy-to-follow checklist format perfect for survey, inspection, or design
  • Selected California statutes regarding disabled accessibility compliance

This is a valuable reference for contractors, architects, inspectors, and attorneys in California. It is ideal for anyone working with the accessibility provisions of the CBC and ADA/ADAS.

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