Wood-Framed Shear Wall Construction: An Illustrated Guide, 2nd Edition (PDF Download)

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Authored by Thor Matteson, S.E.

This book explains wood-framed shear walls, from basic principles to complex situations.

Shear walls become more important than ever in homes with high ceilings, extensive windows and open floor plans. If you need more information about shear walls than basic carpentry texts provide but find engineering books dry and confusing, then you need this book. Written by carpenter who is also a structural engineer, this book covers more than the simple rectangular shear walls shown in text books. Real builders have real problems, such as stepped footings, misaligned anchor bolts, and window or duct openings in shear walls. The author addresses these situations, and much more.

This edition features color photos and illustrations, and a new chapter on earthquake retrofits. Advanced topics include collectors and drag struts, prefab shear walls and frames, and the effect of wood shrinkage on shear walls. The book also covers sloped shear walls, tie-downs and solutions to common problems. This is the most comprehensive book ever written on shear wall construction—it demonstrates how to install shear walls properly to protect the structures you design, build or inspect.


  • Extensive color photos and illustrations
  • Written in nontechnical, easy-to-understand terms
  • Tips that show engineers and designers how to improve their plans
  • Includes information on earthquake retrofits for buildings with crawlspaces
  • The physics explained will never go out of date
  • “Quick Start” illustration shows typical shear wall features at a glance
  • More than 150 photos and illustrations

This is a must have reference for carpenters, inspectors, engineers and contractors.

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