GA-600-15: Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual, 21st Edition

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Since 1959, the Gypsum Association has engaged extensively in testing and evaluation of both generic and proprietary systems. From this testing comes the Fire Resistance Design Manual (GA-600). With more than 700 systems addressing almost every imaginable condition, the GA-600-2015 is the best edition yet!

The 2015 Edition contains almost 100 new assemblies that supplement and expand existing systems for walls and partitions, floor-ceiling systems, area separation walls, and many others. Among these are 20 new head-of-wall and base-of-wall systems that significantly expand the options for perimeter relief.

The systems in this manual utilize gypsum products to provide fire resistance to:

  • Walls
  • Partitions
  • Floor-ceilings
  • Roof-ceilings
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Girders
  • Trusses

In the latest version of the Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Manual, systems are classified according to their typical uses and their fire-resistance ratings. A section on strain relief systems containing fire-resistance rated control joint and perimeter relief details is also included.

Users of the manual run the gamut of design and construction personnel and include architects, engineers, and specifiers, as well as builders, general contractors, and drywall installers. Every system in the book is designed and evaluated to meet specific levels of fire resistance.

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