Building Science Principles Reference Guide, Second Edition

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The Building Science Principles (BSP) Reference Guide is for those in the residential building trades, and anyone interested in a career in building sustainability, who need to know how homes work but don't need the hands-on technical skills required of BPI certified professionals.

Building science demonstrates how various components of the home interact to affect the home’s overall performance. Understand the relationship between the building envelope, heating, A/C, insulation, mechanical ventilation, lighting, appliances and other systems of the home. Learn how all of these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and durability of the home.

After reading the BSP Reference Guide, readers may wish to challenge BPI’s BSP online exam to earn the Building Science Principles (BSP) Certificate of Knowledge. The 100-question online exam verifies a basic knowledge of building science, and requires no hands on field testing with diagnostic equipment. Learn more at

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