Reducing Flood Losses Through the International Codes: Coordinating Building Codes and Floodplain Management Regulations, 4th Edition (2014) (PDF Download)

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Developed by the International Code Council and FEMA, this guide helps State and local officials integrate the International CodesĀ® (I-Codes) into their current floodplain management regulatory processes related to structures, buildings, and other development in special flood hazard areas in order to meet the requirements to participate in the NFIP. Chapter 2 describes three approaches for coordinating the I-Codes and local floodplain management regulations and identifies a number of advantages and considerations when relying on the flood provisions of the codes. Chapter 3 explains several differences between the NFIP regulations and the I-Code requirements related to specific terminology and provisions. Many requirements in the codes exceed NFIP minimum requirements, and some provisions are more specific than the NFIP, especially in the International Building CodeĀ®, which references ASCE 24, Flood Resistant Design and Construction. Chapter 4 contains questions for States and communities to answer to know whether and how to modify existing floodplain management regulations to coordinate with the I-Codes. Chapter 5 describes modifications that can be adopted to incorporate higher standards in the I-Codes to further increase resistance to flood damage. Chapter 6 introduces model code-coordinated ordinances prepared by FEMA.

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