Energy Code Essentials, 2015 editionĀ®

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Energy Code Essentials, based on the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code® is designed to provide a straightforward, easy-to-read companion guide to the IECC® for both beginning and experienced code users. The text provides accurate information on critical energy code applications in the office and in the field for residential and commercial construction. The focused coverage examines those code provisions essential to understanding the application of the IECC® to the most commonly encountered building practices and discusses the reasons behind the requirements.

• Topic organization reflects the intent of the IECC and facilitates understanding and application of the code provisions

• Detailed full-color illustrations and tables enhance comprehension of code provisions and assist in visualizing complex issues

• Practical, on-the-job scenarios provide real-world context and explanations for applying the code

• References to corresponding code sections provide added value as a companion guide to the IECC

• Glossary of code and construction terms clarifies their meaning in the context of the code

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