1994 Uniform Fire Code Volume 2 - Standards (Download)

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The Uniform Fire Code Volume 2 contains Standards that are referenced in the Uniform Fire Code Volume 1.

An objective of the International Fire Code Institute is to provide cities, counties, states and governmental agencies with a set of codes and standards that is correlated and that meets statutory requirements for adoption by reference. Uniform Fire Code Volume 2 is a part of this set of publications and provides for adoption of standards that are specifically referred to within various sections of Uniform Fire Code Volume 1. In developing the standards, consideration was given to the responsibilities of the jurisdiction that adopts and applies them.

Standards 10-1, 10-2,24-1,52-1,62-1,74-1,79-1,79-2,79-3,79-4, 79-5,80-2,80-3,81-1,81-2,81-4,82-1 and Appendix A-III-C-l are based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. These standards contain amendments designed to meet statutory requirements for adoption and correlate with the Uniform Fire Code. Some of these standards are adopted by transcription and others are adopted by reference. Adoption methodologies are in accordance with the IFCI Adoption of Standards Policy.

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