2012 International Green Construction Code—Water Efficiency Provisions

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This document consists of provisions extracted directly from the 2012 International Green Construction Code™ (IgCC™) and is designed for ease of access to its water-related provisions. The 2012 IgCC Water Efficiency Provisions document offers one of the most comprehensive model code for constructing and remodeling buildings in order to reduce water consumption. It promotes water conservation associated with both the building and the building site. These provisions address systems and components including, but not limited to: plumbing fixtures and fittings, appliances, hot water delivery systems, meters, cooling towers, water treatment systems, alternate water supplies (including rainwater, gray water, and reclaimed water), landscape irrigation systems and car washes. Provisions are written in mandatory code language, enforceable by building departments, as a clear-cut overlay to existing building codes. The IgCC is correlated with ICC’s large family of model codes such as the IBC, IRC and IPC. It also provides easy, straightforward implementation for jurisdictions and project flexibility through the use of electives, allowing customization of the code to meet the unique attributes and values of each locale and project.

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