ATC-20-1 Field Manual: Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings

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he ATC-20-1 Field Manual: Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings, was introduced in 1989 as a companion document to the ATC-20 report. The second (2005) edition of the Field Manual has been updated to include:

  • the RESTRICTED USE placard, which was introduced in 1995 (replacing the LIMITED ENTRY placard),
  • updated evaluation forms, which were also introduced in 1995,
  • new examples,
  • more information on steel moment-frame buildings,
  • a chapter on mobile homes and manufactured housing,
  • guidance on aftershocks and entering damaged buildings,
  • new information on barricading, and
  • resources available on the internet pertaining to postearthquake safety evaluation.

The pocket-sized Field Manual summarizes the postearthquake safety evaluation procedures in brief concise format designed for ease of use in the field.

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