NEHRP Recommended Provisions and Commentary for Seismic Regulations for New Buildings and Other Structures. 2003 Edition (Download)

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The 2003 edition has been superseded by the 2009 edition (FEMA P-750). The 2003 edition can be used as a resource document for design professionals, local building officials, and federal regulatory agencies whose technical design standards or code requirements refer to this edition of the Provisions. The 2003 edition present criteria for the design and construction of new buildings, of additions and alterations to existing buildings, and of non-building structures to enable them to resist the effects of earthquake ground motions. The CD contains related seismic design maps, design map value calculation software, and previous Provisions (1997 and 2000). The 2000 edition (FEMA 368 and 369) and FEMA 451 and 451B are available online.

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