Communicating with Owners and Managers of New Buildings on Earthquake Risk: A Primer for Design Professionals (Download)

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FEMA 389 was developed to facilitate the process of educating building owners and managers about seismic risk management tools that can be effectively and economically employed during the building development phase-- from site selection through design and construction-- as well as the operational phase. The document provides guidance for identifying and assessing earthquake-related hazards during the site selection process, including the potential seismic hazards of ground shaking, surface fault rupture, soil liquefaction, soil differential compaction, landsliding and inundation, as well as other potential hazards affecting building performance, vulnerable transportation and utility systems (lifelines), the hazards posed by adjacent structures, the release of hazardous materials, and post-earthquake fires. NOTE: This publication is available free to Local and State government staff. All other interested parties can obtain this publication via online download only.

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