ICC G1-2010 Guideline for Replicable Buildings

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This Guideline is intended to help state and local jurisdictions —as well as owners, architects, builders and engineers— streamlining a building document review process to examine and verify replicable construction documents; thus, eliminating repetitive code compliance reviews. A global review of replicable documents paired with a local review of unique jurisdictional requirements could be more cost effective and bring greater consistency in the application of local regulations.

“The Replicable Building Review concept has the potential to avail additional expertise to the jurisdiction through an expert review process similar to the present use of evaluation reports that assure code compliance of a particular product. Replicable building design reviews, like evaluation reports, have the potential to produce more thorough and uniform results” Benefits of this Guideline:

  • Enhance public safety through a more uniform review process
  • Conserve local resources through the elimination of repetitive reviews of transportable plans
  • Reduce the time between permit submittal and construction mobilization

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