CodeMaster - Flood Resistant Design (2009/2012 IBC, 2009/2012 IRC, ASCE 7-05/7-10, ASCE 24-05)

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This CodeMaster is the first-ever 8-page CodeMaster and contains everything you need to know about designing a structure for flood loads in accordance with the IBC, IRC, ASCE 7 and ASCE 24. It is also the first CodeMaster that works with multiple editions of the I-codes (2009, 2012). In 8 pages, this handy laminated guide explains the flood resistant design requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program as implemented through the IBC and IRC, and provides a clear and concise 12-step procedure explaining how to determine flood loads. A terminology section is provided so that the designer can easily refer back to the many terms and acronyms used in flood resistant design. Numerous illustrations are provided to illustrate key concepts and more than ten "Secrets of the CodeMaster" are included to help the designer avoid making costly mistakes. An example covering all 12 steps is also included.

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