ICC Learn Live Event

ICC Learn Live Event :

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Monday, April 19 - Building Safety Industry Updates

Morning Session:

  • 10 AM ET: Offsite Construction Industry Update
  • 11 AM ET: Cannabis and Building Safety

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Noon ET: Lunch and Learn: Recommended Practices: Online Services
  • 3 PM ET: Industry Standard Advances
  • 4 PM ET: New Technology Insights

Tuesday, April 20 - Leadership and Support

Morning Session:

  • 10 AM ET: Permit Tech skills
  • 11 AM ET: Leadership Skills in Building Safety

Wednesday, April 21 - Building Safety Industry Trends

Morning Session:

  • 11 AM ET: Layers of Protection in the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Afternoon Session:

  • Noon ET: Lunch and Learn: Advances in Solar Permitting – presented by SolarAPP

Thursday, April 22 - 2021 I-Code Significant Changes

Morning Session:

  • 10 AM ET: IBC 2021 Significant Code Changes
  • 11 AM ET: IRC 2021 Significant Code Changes

Afternoon Sessions:

  • Noon ET: Lunch and Learn: IECC
  • 3 PM ET: IFC 2021 Significant Code Changes
  • 4 PM ET: IPC 2021 Significant Code Changes
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