Support & FAQs for Electronic Products

Contact Info

  • Who do I contact for support on the installation?

    Contact ICC Electronic Media Division by email at or by phone at 1-888-422-7233 x 33822.

License and User Agreements

  • What is the license agreement for Electronic Products?

    You can view the Electronic Product license agreement by clicking here.

  • What is the user agreement for Electronic Products?

    You can view the Electronic Product user agreement by clicking here.

  • What is the ICC Online Privacy Policy?

    You can view the ICC Online Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Serial Number Reset and Offline Unlock

  • What do I do when I receive the error message "You've exceeded your maximum number of installations"?

    If your Codes/Standards have relocked due to a computer crash or because of an Adobe Reader update, then your serial number/unlock code may be required to be reset. You can accomplish this by clicking here.

  • What do I do when I am unable to access your servers for registration or when my computer does not have internet access?

    If your computer system will not connect to the Internet or your system has a firewall that will not connect to our servers, then you can perform an "OFFLINE unlock" by clicking here.

Watermark PDF

  • Where Do I Download My Watermarked PDF?

    After purchase, your file will be accessible from your ICC Account page, under the "My eCodes" section. You must be logged in to access your ICC Account page.To log in go to and then enter your email address and password.

  • What are the file restrictions?

    You can make copies for your own personal use on up to 2 devices

  • How Do I Update My Watermarked PDF?

    Log in to your ICC Account. Once you are logged in, click on “My eCodes” you will then click on “Show My PDF Downloads. Your original download will be located in your files and if any updates have been published you will see the updated PDF available for download. The update will be titled as to what printing it is as well as the month and the year it was published. The download will be a complete PDF and not just the errata.

Protected PDF

  • Help With Support Issues

    Click here for this free download.

  • What is Adobe Reader?

    Adobe Reader is a program that allow users to view PDF files. Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site.

  • What do I do when I open a ProtectedPDF and it asks me for a Serial Number?

    For detailed information and answers on how the ProtectedPDF works, click here.

  • What is the License Agreement on ProtectedPDF software?

    View the License Agreement for ProtectedPDF software.

  • What do I do when I am getting JavaScript Error and problems with Adobe Acrobat?

    For information and answers on proper settings with Adobe Acrobat click on the link here for information on these setting preferences.

  • Where do I find the Serial Number (password) on my 2006 CD-ROM?

    2006 I-Codes, Codes and Commentary on CD-ROM: These CDs come in a plastic CD case and the Serial Number (password) can be found on the back near the bottom of the case. The Serial Number (password) will consist of a long number contains numbers and letters. It will consist of (16) characters. This is your Unlock code. You must retain this Serial Number for future Installation (Unlocks).

  • What is the process for unlocking ProtectedPDF files on a single computer?

    In order to unlock ProtectedPDF files successfully you need to insert the serial number in the proper field and click the online unlock button. It will ask you to allow the connection to the Internet and it might ask you this twice. After this it might say that there is a New Version available for download. You want to answer "NO" to this request. You might have to go through this process two or more times until it says that you have been "Successfully Unlocked".

  • What are the Computer requirements for ProtectedPDF files?

    The requirements for the Protected PDF files installed on a computer are as found in this information and found in this link.


  • What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program that allow users to view PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe web site.

  • Why will my codes not work with Adobe Acrobat 8 and what can I do to make my codes work with Adobe Acrobat Reader 8?

    There were some compatibility issues with using Adobe Acrobat 8 because Adobe released a final version that had some program changes in it that did not function with some of our Code CDs. The answer to this question and how to make this work correctly can be found by clicking here.

  • How do I update to 2006 NORTH CAROLINA COLLECTION CD for Adobe 8 Compatibility?

    Here are instructions for updating from download of Adobe 8 compatible file for 2006 North Carolina Collection CD. Please click here for instructions and download.

  • Adobe 8 and higher updates to 2006 COMPLETE COLLECTIONS.

    Here are instructions for updating and downloads of Adobe 8 compatible files. For this information and downloads click here.

  • Apple Macintosh users upgrading to or using Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 and having problems with their Unlock process?

    Here is an instruction help guide to helping with this problem. Click here for helpful information.

  • Will Protected PDFs work in other programs that read PDFs besides Adobe Acrobat?

    Due to the special features, the only program that will work correctly with the Protected PDFs is the Adobe programs such as Acrobat Reader.


  • Need help with I-Quest, Florida Collection CD, California, and New York State CDs software?

    Download a NEW user friendly training manual. Click here to download.

  • When installing the 2015 I-Quest Network CD receive an error message “Access limit Exceeds” when installing to the user’s computer?

    Download a Word File and a NEW updated Install program that will fix the issue. The instructions in the Word file must be completed before you run the new installation. Click here to download.

  • How do I copy and paste images into other programs from I-Quest?

    See the enclosed "How To Page" for information on downloading the PDF file. Click here to download.

  • I have an I-QUEST CD and have installed it. What do I do when I get ERROR messages and it will not start?

    When getting ERRORS after an installation from starting up such as VIEWS.exe, Infobase not found, etc... The FIX for these issues can be found here by clicking on this link.

  • What is the License Agreement on I-Quest and what does it say?

    The answer to the question on the License Agreement for I-Quest can be found by clicking here.

  • I am having problems with the Update features for I-Quest, Florida and Ohio CDs.

    If you get a screen that states you can not update because another session is running you can do the following to fix the problem.

    See if the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime exists. If it does, rename that folder to something like RunTimeOld. Now run the get update program again.

  • Where can I find the Serial Number/License code for both the I-Quest 2003 and the I-Quest 2006?

    I-QUEST: The 2003 passwords can be found on a separate sheet of colored paper when the CD was issued. It would have been loose in the packaging box. It was along with the License Agreement and consisted of two sets of numbers.

    For those that have the 2006 I-Quest the passwords can be found on the back of the CD case. These consist of two numbers stacked on top of each other found near the bottom. The longer number (16) characters are the password. The shorter number is the License Code.

  • How do I install an I-Quest Network version CD-ROM?

    To get detailed information on performing a network installation of an I-Quest CD please follow this link to the instructions.

  • How do I copy TABLES from my I-Quest CD (Folio) software?

    In order to copy TABLES from your I-Quest (Folio) software you have to make a Shadow File first of the Code(s) or open a Shadow file. Select the table you want by highlighting all of the TABLE. Go to the MENU at the top of your screen and under MENU "File", select "Export". Select the appropriate format such as "MS Word" and name the file. This will save your TABLE in "MS Word" format with all table cells.

  • What are the requirements for I-Quest (Folio Views)?

    Folio Views:
    Personal computer with a 486 or higher processor (Pentium recommended)
    Windows 98/2000/XP Pro/XP Home/2003/ or Windows NT 4
    16 MB of memory for use on Windows 98, 2000, XP Pro/Home, 2003 and Windows NT 4
    10 MB of hard disk space for minimum install (no graphics filters or dictionary); 28 MB for full install
    VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-color recommended)

  • What kinds of permissions do I need to Install an I-Quest Single or Network?

    In order to Install the I-Quest Single or Network versions you need to have full admin rights to the computer and/or the folder to which it is being installed to.

    For Network versions you need to have full admin rights to both folders, one on the Network server and one on the Client computer. This includes read, write and modify privileges.


  • I have the FLORIDA BUILDING CODES 2004 CD and have installed the CD and am getting ERROR messages. What do I do?

    When getting these ERROR messages the FIX for this common problem can be found by clicking on this link for more information.

  • What do I do after I download the 2004 Florida Updates EXE file and nothing happens?

    After downloading the EXE file, this is half the process. You click on the "Update.exe" file and it will place a "Check for Updates" in the Programs Menu in the 2004 Florida folder. For detailed information on the process click here.

  • If I have Florida 2007 CD and am installing on a VISTA computer system what do I do when I encounter problems and the program will not work on my VISTA?

    If you are having difficulty with your FLORIDA 2007 CD and installing on VISTA and encounter problems with it working on your computer correctly please follow these instructions by clicking here for downloading a NEW Install program that works with VISTA.

  • What are the registry keys I need to clear when removing the 2007 Florida software?

    Look in the Registry by saying Run Regedit and look in the following Registry Key:


    Where the highligted part in RED is changes with each computer. You will want to delete this Registry Key and reinstall and restart your computer.


  • What do I do when I get error messages on my 2007 Ohio Software that is not in PDF format and you are running a VISTA or other Windows operating system?

    To correct the problem with the 2007 Ohio Codes on a VISTA or other Windows operating system the following link will indicate the FIX for this problem and the instructions by clicking here.

  • Problems with Ohio Codes that are not PDF, but Solo that have trouble installing Offline Publisher or License not found?

    First, to uninstall/reinstall the Offline Publisher program:
    1. Go to Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs
    2. In the Add/Remove Programs Interface, highlight "ICC Ohio Codes Offline Publisher Client"
    3. Click on "Change/Remove", uninstall
    4. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\ICC\ICCSoloCodes431", and delete all folders, if any, that exist in the directory.
    5. Install the .NET Framework 1.1. or greater. Go to
    6. Click on the Download button
    7. Select Open
    8. Reinstall Offline Publisher


  • Where does my confirmation e-mail go if I do not see it in my IN-BOX?

    If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from us, please check your spam, bulk, or junk mail folders. If you find the e-mail there, your ISP or your own software spam-blocker or filters are diverting our e-mail.

  • What about download service, unlock codes, shipped products and problems with orders placed online?

    Click here to find out about this information.

  • What do I do to get the 1997 U-Code CD-ROM installed on my computer and/or issues after installing?

    To install the '97 U-Code CD-ROM click here for information on how to make this work, and problems that might need to be resolved.

Contact Info

  • Who do I contact for support on the installation?

    Contact ICC Electronic Media Division by email at or by phone at 1-888-422-7233 x 33822

Firewall and Pop-up Blockers

  • What do I do about Firewalls and Pop-up blockers?

    Click here to find out what do do in the case of firewalls and pop-up blockers.

  • What do I do in the case of getting around Spam Blockers?

    Check our list of how to remedy the issue with spam, bulk, or junk mail folders. Click here to see the information with the remedy.


  • When attempting to update HMEx Assistant 5 a message appears that states: "Run|! command failed. The system cannot find the file specified" or with Version 6 the message "Download Failed" is received. How can the system be updated?

    The system security set on the computer to be updated is likely the cause of an error of this nature, which is internally preventing the download of the update file over the internet from within the HMEx Assistant program. Versions 5 and 6 of the program may be updated by going to the "Help" screen in HMEx and clicking on the "HMEx Assistant Website." Once on this site the update files can be downloaded manually via your internet browser.

  • If update files are manually downloaded through the HMEx Assistant Website can I automatically check for updates?

    Unless the system is able to access the update site through the "Check for Updates" menu found on the "Help" screen the system cannot automatically check for updates. If the box designated "automatically check for updates" remains checked the system will attempt to contact the website as scheduled. Until the internal security problems on the computer to be updated are resolved the updates cannot be loaded automatically. It may be helpful to leave the box checked to allow for periodic checking.

  • Will HMEx Assistant Versions 4, 5 and 6 operate on a Windows 7 platform?

    Yes. Installation problems may be encountered on any system unless the user has permission to install the software. Permission is normally established by the system administrator. The system administrator must grant permissions for other non-system administrator users intending to use the HMEx Assistant program.

    If a message is received that states "Cannot update cursor HMEXSETTINGS since it is read-only" inform your system administrator to allow Write permissions on the HMEx Assistant folder and sub-folders, normally installed in the C:\Program Files folder.

  • Version 6 of HMEx Assistant was just installed without uninstalling Version 5 of the program. The C:\Program Files folder was checked, but Version 6 of the program was not in the HMEx Assistant folder. Where is the program and why wasn't it installed in the Programs Files folder?

    When Version 6 of the program is installed the default location for the program is C:\HMEx Assistant. This was done to allow Standard Users to write to the files that affect HMExSettings and Form Sizes.

  • Version 5 of the program was just installed on a Windows 7 system, and when it was installed under the default Program Files folder the program would not run as a Standard User – and the following error message appeared.


    The System Administrator should be contacted. Standard Users must have the ability to write to the program file in order to use the system. Alternatively, the program can be uninstalled and then re-installed changing the installation folder to C:\HMEx Assistant\Version5, instead of C:\Program Files\HMEx Assistant\Version5. If this is done users will be prompted to provide the program location, i.e., C:\HMEx Assistant\Version5 when an update is to be downloaded.

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