Adapting ASCE 7 Wind Design Provisions to the Design of Real-Life Buildings

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There is very little usable information currently available concerning wind loads on “real-life” buildings with all their irregularities, offsets, and unique configurations. This seminar is designed to fill that gap in a significant way. Different building shapes are presented and associated wind loads are explained, exploring wind flow patterns and the physics of the situation. ASCE 7-10 wind load provisions are discussed with emphasis on the following:

  • Where they fall short and where they do an adequate job.
  • How to apply them to “real” buildings that do not have the rectangular shape often assumed by ASCE 7.
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Youtube Description
Speakers Daryl Boggs, Ph.D., P.E.
Duration 116
Speaker Bios

Dr. Daryl Boggs is a Vice President of CPP and Principal of Structural Aerodynamics. He has a special interest in the dynamic response of tall or long-span, flexible structures. Daryl

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