2020 NEC® Changes: Overvoltage and Grounding & Bonding

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This interactive online course covers the changes in Articles 242 and 250 of the National Electrical Code®. The new article 242 contains the requirements for overvoltage, or surge, protection. Article 250 covers the grounding and bonding of systems and equipment. Notable changes include the creation of Article 242 and deletion of Article 280 and 285, a new section addressing the bonding of equipment on the line side of the service, specific requirements for aluminum conductors, limiting the role of rebar in the grounding electrode system, fixing an error about the sizing of bonding jumpers, reducing the identification requirements for equipment ground conductors, and providing relief for the sizing of equipment grounding conductors in certain applications.

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More Information
  • Explain why Articles 280 and 285 were combined into Article 242
  • Describe the evolution of Article 250 since 2008
  • Identify some of the system grounding configurations that are allowed in the NEC
  • Identify the increased allowances and requirements for aluminum conductors
  • Explain the clarifications that were made for grounding separately derived systems
  • Explain the use of rebar as a connection point
  • Describe the use of metal enclosures as equipment grounding conductors
  • List the allowances for re-identifying the equipment grounding conductors
  • Identify the allowance for sizing equipment grounding conductors when ungrounded conductors have been increased in size
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