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Wind Design Manual Based on the 2018 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16 Examples for Wind Forces on Buildings and Solar Photovoltaic Systems

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The Wind Design Manual provides examples on wind design to illustrate the practical requirements of provisions in ASCE 7-16. The examples illustrate code-compliant designs engineered to achieve good performance under wind loading. For the first time in a book designed to be used nationally, the Manual covers wind, seismic and gravity loading for photo voltaic panels.

The Wind Design Manual is intended for use by practicing structural engineers and trained designers, building department engineers, other plan review agencies, academia and structural engineering students. Although the approach to problem solutions may be considered as guidance for structural design, the methods used do not exclude other approaches or solutions. While an example may demonstrate more than one method of design or analysis, no one method is favored over another. The Manual includes example problems from multiple geographic areas and is intended for use in all wind regions.